A Word to the Going One


My countless days were a beautiful long dream and the tides of time carried me above the committing World and rocked me above the peaks rising from the primordial waters. And I heard the rustle of the nascent life and Human’s scream in the night woods and the wind had brought the first fratricidal dream, but I didn’t know you.

My awakening was blind and scary when the dream was gone because the past sunk in the darkness, the darkness existed in me and the dead fog clouded my eyes and stopped me from seeing and swallowed the whole world.
And I heard the voice calling from the oblivion: sleep, sleep, my brother, it’s good to sleep on the Earth!...
The suffering of being blind squeezed me, and I replied to the voice: “Step aside, devil, the dream has ended”.
And then I couldn’t stand this suffering any longer and called out to the Spirit and begged: “Father! I want to see!”
And the Spirit had heeded to my plea and opened the most in-depth book of the Universe - the Book of Human Suffering.
And the Suffering became my guide and led my blind and halting self further. It silently stood behind me and waited when I fell; it kept leading as I rose, and then I saw through the depth of suffering, and the shroud fell from my surprised eyes and the gates of the Worlds opened.
The further led the path, the steeper was the climb, the sharper were the rocks, the more desired were the gardens standing along the way, and the sweeter were the fruits on the trees in those gardens. Just one step to the side, just a minute of oblivion on the soft grass, only a second to drink and wash my wounds…
But the Suffering did not stop, and I kept following it and saw plenty of fires, raised high by those, who walk the path. And judging by their bleeding feet and tired faces I understood that they are on the road for a long time. And I have reinforced my gait.
My brothers in suffering gave me the fire, and I have accepted it with the bent knee. And it penetrated me, and I became this fire.
And so, blazing fires tie epochs together and penetrate the time; and powerless time walks away for there is no place for it between those who walk.
I turn back and see the blind one placed at the start of the path by the Spirit. And he asks his blindness: “What is Compassion?..”
And now, when the great wall of fire named by humans as “The Purpose” or “End of Path” is left behind, when the suffering of thousands is known and accepted, when thousands have received the torch and transformed, then I ask again, just like at the start: what is Compassion?
And I understand that no one living can get to know it for no one of those who walk and tend to become a Compassion will see how far has he walked and what was his role until his final hour.
Thoth, Imhotep, Orpheus, Moses, Pythagoras, Socrates… Your faces slowly flow by me, and I start to listen intently trying to understand the question muffled by the fluctuating veil of time.
And I look down with shame: I still have no answer, and I don’t know if I became a Compassion…
I did not fulfill your will.
You are still banned, burned, slandered and crucified. And your sad ashes still scurry above the burned ground knocking at the hearts with no answer.
And you gave Yourself away so meekly to tear down to the insane hungry for your blood. You gave them your blood flowing down from your blessing palms, your feet, covered with the kisses of the sinners, from your groaning heart, containing the whole World. But they continue their fearsome feast and keep cursing those You bequeathed to love. And they again crucify you with their greed, bigotry, and hatred to anyone who refuses to accept their lies.

God, God, why did you leave me?
Woe to those, who forgot about the suffering, to those who please their stomach instead of God, to those who transformed love to hatred and estrangement, sin to virtue, lies to the truth!
Woe to you, Pharisees reborn for you have transformed a Face to the mask, and you vow to the profit like the mongers. And you want to dominate the souls using power, and you arrogate the Word of God saying “Only we know”!
Triple woe to you for you have rejected the righteous men and forgotten the truth and for that God will call you for trial.
Thousands and hundreds of thousands of witnesses, which were burned and slandered in the name “God’s glory” are now at the doorstep and you can hear a formidable knock and the doors eaten by the worms of lies, crackle.
Solomon, Albert, Johan, Paracelsus, who had gained the glory of the Great, I call you to witness before the God and beg you to defend those, who rejected us, those hardened and fallen asleep: let the day of their enlightenment come closer!
Let the day of yourself the unknown stranger, come closer as well because YOU EXIST.
Those who walk are blessed for they come closer to the gates of Kingdom of Heaven.
Do not stop. AMEN.

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