vne vremeniThe Wheel of Eternity keeps rotating, and there is nothing beyond it. And the Human gets into the Worlds spin. He is looking for the truth, looking around but unable to find it and suffers, gets tormented by the pain and sour thoughts. And then in despair, he yells: “God, God, show yourself if You exist! Where is Your truth, where is Your power?”

A Word to the Going One

A Word to the Going OneMy countless days were a beautiful long dream and the tides of time carried me above the committing World and rocked me above the peaks rising from the primordial waters. And I heard the rustle of the nascent life and Human’s scream in the night woods and the wind had brought the first fratricidal dream, but I didn’t know you.

The Covenant Ring

ringPeer into the darkness: it diverges, and you see the Eternity Wheel - silent, rotating.
Who is this? Who rushes through the swirling ice whirlwinds dressed in the thick animal carapace drawn into the Abyss by the Wheel? What kind of a monster with a painfully distorted human face appears from the darkness lashing around with its crocodile tail? What kind of a bicuspid shines in its paw?
Why did the moan start from your throat? Where from is this suffering torturing you? Where from is this cry?

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